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Author: Vinyl Destination   Date Posted: 3 November 2014  

The history of “modern” Vinyl Records goes back to the 1950’s, when the 12” or Long Play (LP) vinyl disc, revolving at a speed of 33 1/3 rpm produced by Columbia Records and the Extended Play (EP) 7” vinyl disc, turning at a speed of 45 rpm developed by RCA Victor, became the industry standards for recorded music.

Typically, LP’s, as they became known, contained a number of recorded “tracks” on each side of the vinyl, whilst the EP only carried one “track” or piece of music on each side. Both types of vinyl records were known to be virtually unbreakable, thus replacing the old 78 rpm wax records from the 1940’s. Whilst initially recorded in “mono” format, by the middle 1960’s, a...

Author: Alex Frank   Date Posted: 19 July 2017  

1. Lossless format

Vinyl is the only playback format that’s fully analog and lossless. This means you just need a decent gramophone and you’re going to get a full-fidelity listening experience. It’s less technical than digital format.

2. The warmth of sound

What people find special about vinyl records is this magical factor. Because of how it was made and the fact that there is nothing digital about it, vinyl sound offers the experience, which is very close to listening live music. It’s mid-range-y and mahogany warm. That’s the sound that flatters every musical instrument.

3. Loudnes...