The New Breed of Online Record Stores

Author: Vinyl Destination   Date Posted:3 November 2014 

A blog post about why you will love our company.

The history of “modern” Vinyl Records goes back to the 1950’s, when the 12” or Long Play (LP) vinyl disc, revolving at a speed of 33 1/3 rpm produced by Columbia Records and the Extended Play (EP) 7” vinyl disc, turning at a speed of 45 rpm developed by RCA Victor, became the industry standards for recorded music.

Typically, LP’s, as they became known, contained a number of recorded “tracks” on each side of the vinyl, whilst the EP only carried one “track” or piece of music on each side. Both types of vinyl records were known to be virtually unbreakable, thus replacing the old 78 rpm wax records from the 1940’s. Whilst initially recorded in “mono” format, by the middle 1960’s, a method was devised to record in “stereo” and has since become the norm for vinyl production.

Every time during your travels you have come across one of the few record stores left, you have popped in to search their shelves and bins, in an apparent futile exercise of hoping to unearth that missing collectors item. That vacant space on your shelf, for just one more 12” vinyl LP, would make your precious collection, accumulated over many years, complete!

Vinyl Destination is an online records store. We are one the few unique companies, not only in Australia but indeed throughout the world, who specialise in retailing vinyl LPs and vinyl records direct to the public. The company proposes to stock over 35,000 titles and by taking advantage of the facilities offered by the internet, it will be able to offer its wide range of customers the convenience of purchasing vinyl records online.

Despite the introduction of the CD and more recently the ipod, the demand for the good old-fashioned “record” is still amazingly high. Indeed there is a huge number of people both in Australia and world-wide, who are turning away from the memory-charged, music playing machines of today, preferring instead, the pleasure of selecting the piece of vinyl en-grooved with the music they want to hear.

The selection of LPs online that Vinyl Destination is gathering together in its Melbourne based warehouse, is phenomenal and will cover all genres of music from Indie, to Metal, Jazz, Pop, Dance, Rock and everywhere in-between. Maybe you are looking for a remastered Jimi Hendrix reissue or an early Radiohead album: even a collection of Gorillaz or Beatles hits or maybe the biggest album of 2014, Jack White's Lazaretto. Whatever it may be, if it is available, you can order it online at Vinyl Destination safe in the knowledge that they will track it down for you and deliver it to your door.