About Us

Vinyl records are making a big comeback like never before.  The music industry has responded to this ever-increasing demand with the result that many long-standing artists are re-mastering and reissuing their old albums, on high quality, heavyweight vinyl. Vinyl Destinaton are one of the few unique companies, not only in Australia but indeed throughout the world, who specialise in retailing vinyl LPs and vinyl records direct to the public.  

The company proposes to list over 40,000 titles and will be able to offer its wide range of customers the convenience of purchasing vinyl records online.

The selection of LPs online that Vinyl Destination is gathering together in its Melbourne based warehouse, is phenomenal and will cover all genres of music from Indie, to Metal, Jazz, Pop, Dance, Rock and everywhere in-between.  Vinyl Destination source brand new vinyl from scores of vinyl distributors from all over the globe.