Vinyl Collecting starting tips

Author: Damo   Date Posted:25 February 2021 

Hey fellow vinyl lovers,


I thought I would just add a few tips for people wanting to get back

into vinyl or new fans wanting a starting point.

If you are ready to start collecting vinyl, you will need to buy a record player, but where to begin?

There are seemingly endless options!


Firstly, don’t get stressed by all the decisions to be made on what type etc...

Depending on your budget, there will be limitations but essentially you can pick up decent players for a few hundred dollars.

Most budget turntables are retro-styled players in plastic casing with their own built-in speakers.  It's everything you need to give vinyl a try, or to give your parents' old record collection a listen.


I recently purchased a Crosley CR6038A which is a great little machine with speakers, cd player and blu tooth.

A lot of these cheaper machines are fine for beginners and I cannot make a single complaint about the Crosley.

The sound is great and has multiple functions while looking cool as with a vintage turntable look!


I have personally noticed a great sound difference in a lot of my old records from the 60s and 70s compared with the new vinyl we offer here at Vinyl Destination. The sound of newly pressed vinyl is amazing and even better on 180g plus vinyl.

Modern devices come in a wide range of styles and sizes – whether you prefer the classic look of record players from the past or you’re only interested in a modern aesthetic. 

Most players these days come with new features built-in that you'd never find on old record players, including Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports.

With a USB output, you can record all of the LPs you already own directly to your computer,

giving you the added bonus of allowing you to listen to your vinyls wherever you are. 


if you're looking for the warmer, richer sound that vinyl fans love, you'll need to spend more. 

Pushing your budget up to the next level will give you noticeable improvements. 

But this is also where it gets complicated.


As you move up to the mid-range and beyond, the price grows exponentially. 

Most mid-range turntables don't have a speaker built-in, so you'll need to get some of your own. 

You might also need to supply your own phono preamp since most players aren't powerful enough to drive the speakers 

without one.


In short, you get what you pay for. It's a good idea to pay beyond the bare minimum, 

but it's definitely easy to end up spending more than you wanted to, so be careful.

I would advise starting small and moving up as your collection and obsession grows!


I hope this helps someone else fall in love with the sound of vinyl and starts an obsession as rewarding and fulfilling as my own.

Catch ya soon friends


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